Get these products to help reduce single use plastics and packaging

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Organic Cotton Tote Bags

These come in 2 sizes 35cm x 40cm or 40cm x 40cm.

These organic cotton bags are aimed at replacing all shopping bags, don't just carry your own bags when shopping for food but even when shopping for anything else. Get trendy, buy yours today and help us stop waste!

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Organic Cotton Reusable Bags

These come in a pack of 5 x 25cm x 30cm.

These organic cotton reusable bags are great while shopping for fruits, vegetables and bread.

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Ziplock reusable silicone Bags

A pack of 4 silicone bags 2 x 500ml & 2 x 1000ml.

Use these ziplock silicone bags when buying your fresh food items like hams, cheeses and fresh deli items and help us reduce plastic packaging.

  Buy €17
Stainless Steel containers

A set of two 304 stainless steel containers 1 x 850ml & 1 x 1800ml.

These stainless steel containers are ideal while shopping for meat, fish and food purchased by weight.

  Buy €25
Stainless Steel Bottle

750ml water bottle. Get the habit of carrying your own stainless steel water bottle around and help reduce plastic bottles while getting the opportunity to save money on your water by refilling.

Buy €13
Water filtration system

Product + 1 filter - Stop wasting money, plastic and energy. Get our new water filtration system which will turn your tap water into pure and great tasting drinking water.

Buy €40
Water filtration system

Upgrade to our year pack which includes 4 replacement filters. Filters are normally changed every 3-5 months and our product has an LED light which warns you when filter needs changing.

Buy €85
Family Water package

Give a gift to all your family that will last and change the way you recover drinking water once and for all.  Package includes 1 water filter system, 4 replacement filters, 4 s/steel water bottles and 5 reusable wrapping papers.

Buy €149.50
Set of 5 reusable wrapping papers

Don't just buy wrapping paper but buy an added gift which will give a boost to your present. Our wrapping papers are ever lasting and can last more than 200 years so you will surely get your money's worth.

Buy €12.50
Set of 5 customized reusable wrapping papers

Create a legacy when giving gifts away with our ever lasting reusable wrapping paper concept. Get a unique set of 5 wrapping papers customised to your liking. Imagine your grand, grand children opening a present with your gift wrapper.

Buy €25
Join us and help us make a difference

24 ways to reduce waste and save on costs

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  • Carry your own tote bag around not just for buying food but for all kinds of shopping.
  • Get your own reusable bags to shop for fruits, vegetables, herbs and fresh bread.
  • Use ziplock silicone bags when buying fresh hams, cheeses and all deli items.
  • Take containers when shopping for meat, fish and other food items purchased by weight.
  • Take your own containers when ordering take away food.
  • Don't throw away glass jars and reuse them to store food. 
  • Make your own natural soaps and detergents and use old old containers as refills.
  • Use herbs and essential oils as an insect repellant.
  • Use cloth diapers.
  • Invest in a menstrual cup and stop using disposable pads and tampons.
  • Do not use disposable plates, cups and cutlery.
  • Carry your own stainless steel water bottle around to refill and stop supporting plastic bottles.
  • Create your own cool gifts from stuff you don't need in your garage or box room.
  • Sell or donate all stuff you don't need any longer.
  • Make your own wooden toys and games from junk and stuff you find in nature.
  • Buy natural soaps and detergents in a refillable method.
  • Plan your shopping in bulk and within your local area.
  • Walk or use a bicycle to make all your errands.
  • Use natural home remedies at first before opting for medicine.
  • Stop using straws or if you are so keen get your own stainless steel portable one.
  • Use essential oils as an air freshener.
  • Air dry your towel after washing and reuse it many times before washing.
  • Don't print wherever possible and store all data digitally on the cloud.
  • Refill your ink cartridges.
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