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A very successful 1st Plogging Event in Malta
1st Plogging Event Malta
Post Event Report

Thanks to all the participants who turned up last Sunday morning, the area around Luxol Park and Ride and Pembroke got a good clean up!


Our newly found Green Malta voluntary organisation just organized its first plogging event: a new Swedish concept adding up to the list of creative ways to help solve the world's plastic problem.


Around 5 groups of 10 participants each, aged 4 to 69 years old, left Luxol Sports Club at 9.30 am to follow a mapped-out route, picking up rubbish on the way. Some decided to fast walk while others jogged rapidly all the way down to the sea. The most efficient groups required extra garbage bags and the intervention of the organizers’ car to be able to carry all the trash they had picked up.


At 11.30 am, when everyone got back, a group picture was taken in front of the waste collected, testament of the work done. Quickly after, the skip kindly provided by ‘JM Skips’ cleared everything away and left the Luxol Park and Ride rubbish free.


All this experience was made possible thanks to the various sponsorship received including Maduma, Interspar Hamrun, Sleek Nails, Malta Bargain Hunting, A&A real estate, Creative Malta, Rain International, Luxol Sports Club, Sundreams Travel, Piscopo’s Cash & Carry, the Maltese Sun Guest House in Sliema and our main sponsor Ecopence. As an environmental label of trust, offering solutions for businesses and customers to reduce carbon footprint, Ecopence has been instrumental in the launch of our organisation. Their constant support, in sync with our mission plans, will further develop and allow us to launch several projects in direct collaboration. The first target is set for January and we would like to combine a sport and environmental awareness event for school kids, so watch out for more as this will be the first Green schooling effort!


The plogging event was a huge success and we feel that we have achieved our objectives of bringing people together, engaging them in fun filled activities while raising awareness and promoting respect for life and the planet. However, only a few Maltese turned up to the event to help cleaning while the foreigners reacted well and proved their environmental awareness. It is important for us to get the locals onboard as it is their island. This set out the target for the next event: the participation of more locals. They will have a chance to make it back as on the 29th November with our next event, directly linked to our ultimate project: the opening of a free Green School for all children on the island.

See full event report and coverage by TVM on this link.

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